Support decentralized solar microgrid communities everywhere.

Balance your financial goals with positive social, economic, and environmental impact







More Impact > Less Risk

Diversify globally

1 kWh of clean electricity has a much higher social & economic impact in Amaloul than in Munich.

But payment for that 1 kWh in Munich is more steady in the short-term.

Diversify over time

Through 2040 energy demand will keep increasing in the South and decreasing in the North.


Cash flow from simple sale of kWh will continue to grow in the South, whereas energy business dynamics will change drastically in the North.



Curators earn and stake tokens in order to list projects. Token subscribers can balance positive impact through staking as well.


All available data and information is used to model, simulate and optimize terms & conditions.


Online payments between accounts. With an interpretable, transparent pricing mechanism.

Fractal Ownership

 Mechanism* that aligns incentives of supporters, operators and users, as well as the network of curators.

  • Tokens are minted for participation (provide code, data, cash) or through buying
  • Tokens are used to curate projects to be listed and/or to fund the curated list through staking
  • At any time tokens can be sold at price according to the bonding curve

* Token-curated list with a bonding curve for continuous crowd sales


1.  Commit an amount to reserve your tokens

2.   Mark your preference and see impact of your support

  • by staking on specific projects or
  • funding the balanced pool

3.  Create account to proceed with whitelisting

You activate your commitment once you digitally sign the generated terms & conditions of the token sale. Conditional capital calls automatically transfer the funds to the projects.

Default mix is the curated list of projects available for funding.

List Projects

1.  Upload project data to see generated terms & conditions

  • for project to be refinanced
  • for new project (data from similar project required)

2.   Create account

  • as owner/operator of this project
  • as curator of this project

3.  Raise funds

  • adding to project pool
  • on your own

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